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Our Space

We’re super proud about the space we’ve created. 

Located between Portsmouth and Southampton in the town of Fareham, our HQ is a beautifully designed 3,000 sqft space purposely created to allow our creative and marketing teams to thrive in a super creative environment. 

A bright, collaborative and open space to do your best work.

We understand the importance of creating an environment that fosters productivity and creativity among our employees. To achieve this goal, we have carefully designed a space that enables our team to always perform at their best. We believe in encouraging collaboration and providing our staff with a variety of workspaces that cater to their individual needs.

Our open meeting areas provide a collaborative environment for brainstorming and discussing ideas, while our comfortable sofa spaces offer a more relaxed atmosphere for casual conversations. In addition, we offer more professional spaces, such as our 12-seater boardroom, for important meetings and presentations.

We understand that everyone works differently, and that’s why we encourage our employees to work in whichever space they feel most comfortable and productive in, whether at their desk or on the sofa. With all these options available, we strive to create a space that inspires and promotes excellence among our team members.

Our Space Overview